What Is A Spokesmodel?


What Is A Spokesmodel

What Is A Spokesmodel?


A spokesmodel is a celebrity or well-known man or woman contracted by a company to be the face of their product. More often than not, you’ll see a spokesmodel on television, but they are also used at trade shows and events. Spokesmodels are very often contracted to do a circuit of conventions. These models memorize a script describing the product or service to the attendees. Of course, this must delivered in an articulate and engaging manner.

Also, the model may use in-ear prompters. For those not familiar, the model receives the information from behind the scenes. She recites what she hears. The spokesmodel usually has the corporate spiel memorized before hand. If not, it doesn’t take long. After all, the model is sharing the same information over and over all day long. It is the spokesmodel’s job to draw in the crowd and then deliver the information.

What Is The Difference Between A Trade Show Model And Spokesmodel?


The difference between a trade show model and a spokesmodel is not a large one. A spokesmodel’s celebrity stature is usually the most prominent differentiating factor. Furthermore, the spokesmodels may have more refined abilities. Trade show models are often not experts on a product or service. But, spokesmodels must appear to be experts. Not to mention, people have to believe the model uses the product. Spokesmodels can be anyone from television personalities to professional athletes. Also, spokesmodels earn higher salaries.

Yet, high profile spokesmodels are sometimes requested to draw crowd. They take pictures with attendees or sign autographs. A Heather Locklear, or Cindy Crawford type might be seen as intimidating. People cannot notice the model more than the products. In contrast, spokesmodels can look like anyone off the street. Flo from Progressive Insurance or Jarod, the former subway spokesman are examples. To wrap it up, most trade show models have the ability to be a spokesmodel for your company. It comes down to opportunity and a model’s luck to earn the role of a spokesmodel.

What Is A Spokesmodel

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What can Forte Models offer you? We have a team of very lovely, articulate gals who feel very comfortable on camera for print or video. Our agency has provided many clients the future face of their company, and products. The models are very effective at trade shows and conventions. A model’s image was on all the promotional material, or on a video playing in an exhibit booth. At the same time, our model was in the booth. Attendees receive the opportunity to interact with the company spokesmodel. Campaigns like this can last for years and are very effective. What is a spokesmodel? Now, we hope you now have a better insight into what a spokesmodel is. We invite you to consider one of our beautiful gals for your next campaign or event.

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