What Are Fitness Models?


What Are Fitness Models?

What Are Fitness Models?


Fitness models are strong, lean, and toned models. First of all, these models are most often booked for commercial work. They might be needed for a commercial or ad in a magazine or website. However, fitness models are also contracted to demonstrate fitness equipment or attire at trade shows and conventions. They rely on having spectacular physiques. Their portfolios reflect their desire to focus on the fitness industry. While fitness models may be very attractive, the facial appearance is not what they rely on to book work. They work very hard at maintaining their body appearance. Men are often body builders or athletes. Women range from athletes to yoga instructors and exercise coaches.

What Makes Them Different?

If you have seen the cover of any fitness magazine, you have seen what are known as fitness models. Model agencies are looking for models who photograph well and know how to frame their body for the best shot. These models have great discipline. It’s no easy task to get in this kind of shape. When you find an individual who has put the work into their body and can film well, you have found a special model.

Who Are They?

Fitness Models come in many different categories. They are body builders, gymnasts, athletes, yoga and pilates instructors, swimsuit models, and exercise instructors. The role of this model is to bring attention to a lifestyle, apparel line, or sport equipment brand in a healthy, attractive and appealing way.

What We Are Looking For?


Forte Models is currently accepting submissions from serious, experienced models nationwide. Models should be between the ages of 21 and 40. Your look must personify an active, healthy, and fit lifestyle. You must have an outgoing, charming and friendly personality. Since our primary target client is convention exhibitors, you must be articulate and bright, and you must be able to interact with business executives, and staff, from all lines of the business world.

Forte Models does offer models who have some experience in fitness modeling. Let one of our helpful model coordinators assist you in securing a world class model. We hope you have a better understanding now of the question posed at the top of this post. What Are Fitness Models?

What Are Fitness Models?

We Offer The Following Models Nationally

Trade Show Models

Convention Models

Booth Hostesses


Promo Models

Lead Generators

Bilingual Models


Print Models

Convention Staffing

Commercial Models

Trade Show Staff

Costumed Models

Crowd Gatherers

Runway Models

In Ear Prompter Models

Demonstration Models

Car Models

Hair Models

Covid Enforcement Models

Forte Models is a licensed, insured, and bonded Talent Agency registered in the state of Florida: TA#-000666

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