Trade Show Model Duties


Welcome to Forte Model’s post on what the roles of a professional trade show model are. These duties have been derived through experience over a period of 20 years in the trade show model business. Here are the duties we believe to be essential in the role of a professional trade show model.

Get Your Booth Noticed!


First of all, drawing traffic to your exhibitor’s booth is a crucial part of a trade show model’s assignment. The main reason exhibitors hire models for trade shows is they know beautiful women can draw a crowd. Prospects may walk right by your booth if you have normal-looking, nondescript people in your booth. However, you will definitely see traffic if you position a gorgeous model strategically at the front of the booth. Of course, the more models you add, the better.

Greet Prospects With A Warm Smile


It’s no mystery that beautiful women can be intimidating. Some men have no idea how to act around a beautiful woman. So, it is a trade show model’s responsibility to welcome each person to the booth with a warm smile and greeting. The intimidation factor immediately decreases when prospects see a model is happy that the prospect stopped by the booth. In addition, the experience will be much more memorable for the prospect if the model makes he or she feel welcome. It is important prospects remember booths that they had great experiences in.

Scan Prospect Info


Trade show models spend a good part of their day scanning prospect’s badges and generating solid leads.Technology is ever changing. It is vital that a trade show model have the ability to capture information for their clients with whatever tools they are requested, from a scanner to a pencil.

Distribute Promotional Literature


You will often see trade show models passing out promotional literature, swag, invitations and such to passersby at trade shows. While this may not be the most glamorous type of work, it is certainly vital to the model’s client. It is almost certain anyone will take something a beautiful woman hands them.

Trade Show Model Duties
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Work Quickly And Efficiently


One of the duties of a trade show model is registering badges. All of the show attendees will be wearing a badge. That badge will have a bar code on it. Models will have scanners that can capture all of a prospect’s information. This might sound like an easy task, but there are times when a booth can get very busy and crowded. The model must have the ability to discern between possible leads and general attendees. The better a model is at scanning leads the more often she will be called.

The Three P’s


What are the Three P’s? Punctuality, Politeness and Professionalism. First off, if you are late, even a minute, you have given a bad first impression. Forte Models tells our team members, be early all the time or don’t work with us. My rule of thumb is be in a booth a minimum of 15 minutes before the show room floor opens.

Be polite! Clients are all different. Some are very kind, some can be a bit terse. Some clients can be inappropriate and too flirty. Great models have the ability to let unwarranted comments flow right off of them. Be friendly, and look like you want to be there to help.

In closing, you will succeed in achieving the 3rd P’s if you do the first 2 P’s. Trade Show Models live on return client calls. So, keep these things in mind as you build your resume and reputation.

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Work Hard And Don’t Watch The Clock


The people who are hiring you will always remember you year after year as long as you do this. It’s the one thing they hired you for. The client is paying you good money to work in whatever capacity they need you to with out delay or complaint. They didn’t pay you to text on your phone all day, talk to neighboring exhibit models or take multiple bathroom breaks and long lunches. Work hard and exceed expectations and they will always ask for you to come back.

In Closing…

While the above topics may seem obvious, they can never be overstated. A great Trade Show Models’ duties cover the spectrum from not much responsibility to providing actual sales. Here we have discussed the basic responsibilities and expectations a client has of a trade show model. If you execute this well you’ll do well in this industry.

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