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There are many categories of models working at trade shows. Therefore, we will share with you what the different types of models are available to you. We will describe the various model duties. You can make a wise decision in selecting your trade show talent.

Convention And Trade Show Models

First off, a convention or trade show model is a male or female model who provides trade show services. A trade show models needs to have the ability to attract attention to an exhibitors booth. Without a doubt, very attractive people receive more attention. People do not attract much attention if they look like anyone you would see on the street or. in everyday life. So, exhibitors decided it would be a good idea to secure models who could draw clients to their booth.

What Does A Trade Show Model Do?


Convention models register and scan credentials of prospective clients visiting the booth. Leads may turn into future sales. It is important for a convention model to greet a client in a warm and friendly way. Convention models also distribute promotional collateral if needed. A convention model performs whatever duties requested by their client. Their job is to aid in ensuring the smooth daily operation of the exhibit. In other words, they are a “Jack of ALL trades”.

Car Show Models


Next up are car show models. Car Show Models are usually female models secured by an automobile company. A company, Porsche for instance, contracts models to represent their automobiles. The models travel around the country, and they introduce their clients latest products. Car show models must memorize pertinent information about the latest line of vehicles. If you have ever been to a car show, you have seen car show models.

What Is A Car Show Model’s Role?


Additionally, car show models must be proficient with in-ear prompted presentations. These women are beautiful, classy, well spoken and they get the job done. They command a higher rate than other types of models, because their role is more difficult. Many car show models work an entire national circuit. They may get hired for a specific show as well.

CAr Show Models Nationwide



Continuing on, spokesmodels are very much like car show models. Spokesmodels are sophisticated, and more is required of them. These models are very often in-ear prompter proficient,. Spokesmodels are often secured by a client to do many events. They can also work an entire nationwide circuit.. These beauties are the face of the company, product or service. Spokesmodels know how to sell a product.

Also, Demonstration and video models are very helpful as well. They offer an all out presentation leaving a potential buyer wanting more.

Costumed Models And Mascots

Continuing on, costumed models are as the name implies. Costumed models dress for the exhibitor in non-traditional attire. They do this to complete a desired theme or implement an idea the company has to present their product. Clients are required to present a concept for approval in advance to the booking agency.. The model must feel comfortable with the suggested attire in order to perform to the best of her ability. The exhibitor must provide any special costuming and request model sizing far enough in advance to allow for a fitting to be completed. If the costume is uncomfortable, provocative, or unorthodox, additional compensation may be required. Forte Models has provided the full spectrum of costumed and mascot models including: super heroes, ring girls, princesses, tuxedoed models, and race car drivers to name a few.

Costumed Trade Show Models
Costumed Trade Show Models
Runway Models New York

Runway And Demonstration Models


Runway models are contracted specifically for fashion shows at conventions with a large apparel presence. The models walk on are catwalks and are involved in big productions. Similarly, runway models are also used in larger trade show booths. They assist sellers by trying on attire for buyers in a more up close and personal way.

Additionally, our models have performed many runway shows in our 20 years of operation. Although, runway models are usually required to be more statuesque in fashion shows, there is more leniency with height restrictions at some trade shows. Male and female models are usually requested for this type of modeling.

Demonstration Models are hired to demonstrate products in front of an audience. They may be required to cook a recipe or deliver a short presentation.

Bilingual, Multilingual and Translation Models


Models are a highly valued commodity at a trade show if they are bilingual or multilingual. People visit our conventions from all over the world. Foreign exhibitors are not always well-versed in English when they arrive.

Finding someone fluent in their first language and English is ideal. We have provided models who speak: Spanish, French, Greek, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hindi, Chinese, and German. Models like this are a hot commodity. Not to mention, they cost more. Above all, if you know you have a language need, it is highly recommended you look early as these models are in high demand.

Models For Conventions

Hair Show Models


Hair Show models are requested for large beauty shows like the Premiere Beauty Show. Exhibitors converge on this show from all over the world. The show represents every hair care product on the market. Hair shows book many models. However, not all the models booked are actual models. In other words, many exhibitors attend castings to secure non-professional participants to act as models. These people are willing to have their hair cut and colored in exchange for no compensation. Let me be frank, Forte Models does not work for clients looking for cut and color participants. We have worked with and for clients whose products include makeup, hair weaves, up do styles, and beauty attire. Forte Models has provided models for some of the very biggest names in the industry including: Maybeline New York, Loreal Paris, Wella, Nioxin, and Martin Parsons to name a few..

Crowd Gatherers And Controllers

Crowd gatherers have the power to attract attention. Exhibitors use them to draw traffic to their booth. Crowd controllers are great at directing prospects to a booth. These types of models can also be monitoring social distancing in a world with Covid-19..

Promotional and Swag Distributors

Convention centers, and show producers often hire models to distribute informational brochures or swag bags to attendees as a “Welcome” to the show. In addition, most exhibitors advertise products on brochures which are in turn distributed by models throughout the show.

In Conclusion,


Convention exhibitors have been utilizing models since the convention industry began. Models are on site to serve the clients. There are numerous skills and abilities a beautiful trade show model can bring to the table to assist a client with marketing their company. Therefore, rely on the expert. We have 20 years of experience. We’d love to have the opportunity to help you take your trade show or convention to the next level.

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