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Welcome to what will be a reoccurring feature in our blog. We will be showcasing our team members and asking them questions about their modeling careers. It is our hope that you will get to know our amazing ladies more personally. Knowing who they are and where they have come from will definitely help you in choosing who to select for your events. We desire to make your selection process easy when searching for convention models and staffing for your upcoming event.

Natalie A joined the Forte team in late 2021. She landed a couple of jobs with us very quickly, and our clients loved her. Studies show that hiring an exceptional trade show model can increase your show productivity dramatically. Models like Natalie know how to generate leads, sell products, consult and of course, create a memorable experience for your prospects. Forte Models looks forward to enjoying many future opportunities with Natalie. We are profoundly proud to represent Natalie nationwide. Meet Natalie A-Orlando by checking out her portfolio at

Our next question to you is, can you afford to not secure Natalie for your next show? You won’t have to second guess yourself if you reach out to us today! You’ll definitely see the difference between Forte and all the rest.

We asked Natalie some questions about her career, and this is what she said!

NA: I’ve been modeling for almost 6 years. I got started when I moved to Florida from the Midwest, and a friend of mine suggested I apply to some modeling agencies in central Florida. I actually started in lifestyle/ commercial modeling and then branched out to promotional modeling.

NA: To me, the most difficult thing about being a model is the occasional ridiculously early call time or long drive to get to the shoot location.

NA: My favorite thing about being a model is all of the once in a lifetime experiences I’ve had. I also love the constant variety and getting to meet and work with so many amazing people.

NA: Modeling has given me many unique experiences. One of the coolest was getting to work on one of my favorite Netflix shows, Bloodline. It was filmed in Isla Morada, FL.

NA: My favorite project I’ve worked on so far would have to be when I did a week long shoot for Yamaha in Clearwater Beach. It was nonstop fun getting to swim, snorkel, jet ski, go boating and get paid to do it. It was a such a blast!

Like many other businesses, you can take advantage of the many values Forte Models offers. Lead generation, crowd gathering, promotional distribution, and prospect contact retrieval are just a few of the services our team members provide you.
A woman like Natalie brings the magic to Forte Models. Now you have gotten to Meet Natalie A-Orlando.

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