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Let’s Talk About It…


There is a great deal that goes into attending a trade show. It’s a costly venture, with no significant guarantee you will recoup your investment with leads that turn into sales. Let’s run down the list of steps that make a show like this happen.

First of all,

Your company has to pay for the admission to the show. You have to pay for the space you stand on and the carpet that sits on that space. Then you’ll pay for any decor you require to make your booth more homey, or the significant expense of shipping your trade show booth in all it’s glory to what ever city the show is being held at. You may have to get insurance. After all that, you’ll have to register all of your staff members, and their badges cost money. As you can well imaging all of these expenses add up.


Should we Cancel Attending?


Maybe not attending wouldn’t be so bad after all. You haven’t even figured into the equation the travel costs, hotels, restaurants, room service, taxis and shuttles to and from the hotel, and the list goes on. Regardless of the giant laundry list, your company ticks all the boxes for your attending the big show. So what happens when a world-wide pandemic brings life to a screeching halt? In the shank of things, all the shows simply closed down……for 2 years! Now a glimmer of hope is breaking through the clouds. Maybe you don’t have to cancel.

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So What is the Big Deal Then? Let’s Go Virtual!


In the opinion of a guy who has been attending trade shows for 20 plus years, that being me, this is the big deal. Any company who was planning on attending this trade show was doing it it for one specific reason. To do business with other human beings. Ideally, you want to sell a product or service. At the very least you want to develop relationships and show your prospects that your organization is a classy one they want to work with. You want to generate leads! Even the king of salesmen will tell you it is tough to close when your only tool is a television screen. Your prospects can’t hold the product, use the product personally, or shake the hand of that salesman after he has given him a great pitch and sold him or her on purchasing what ever it is you sell.

What Can We Do To Make It Better?

In a non Covid world, pre 2020, your company may have strategized great ways to make your convention experience a giant success. You wanted the biggest bang for your buck and you may have succeeded. But now, all cards are off the table. We have lived through an economy and soul crushing world-wide pandemic. People can’t be around big crowds or even get within 6 feet of another human. So, you obviously have tried to think of some alternatives to make your booth stand out over your competitors when Covid is no longer an issue.

Some Options For You

Forte Models has many options in the way of the beautiful team members we offer to our trade show and event clients. A beautiful and outgoing young woman who can introduce your product or service on screen might be a smart idea, as you know, thanks to the content of this website.

Go Virtual?

Forte Models has been providing exceptional models for hostessing events for the last 20 years. We have team members that can translate what they do in person to a television screen. For a while it looked like trade shows might go virtual. So our thought was as follows. Let’s present our team members as virtual hostesses. Our models know how to look good on camera. Many are very experienced talking on screen as well. If trade shows are done in person our future may see models appearing on screens in booths instead of in person. 10, 000 people wearing masks and maintaining social distancing is not ideal for business engagements. These unprecedented times called for adaptability.

Covid Enforcement Models


Forte Models can also provide your company with beautiful women to remind guests in a friendly way to keep their masks on. It’s a dirty job, but someone may have to do it. Would you put your mask back on if one of our lovely ladies asked you to?

Are In-Person Trade Shows Done?

Is this the end of of the large 20,000 attendee trade show? I don’t thing so. If the 2022 NAHB Builders Show is any indication, that is far the contrary. I personally believe human beings cannot remain in a bubble. We are social creatures. As many people have been vaccinated, boldness to emerge into society increases.

People want to feel normal. I believe in 2022, trade shows will race, not walk, back to their former capacities. We may see models in booths wearing masks now and then. We may still see some models assisting with controlling social distancing. However, I believe the worst is over.

If your company would like to contract one or more of our amazing models for a trade show, we can help. This has hopefully been just a 3 year visit to the twilight zone. In America, with our medical technologies, this should be little more than just a fleeting anomaly. Regardless, Forte Models is dedicated to being ready to serve your company in any way you choose with professionalism that is unsurpassed.

In conclusion,

Whether we like this or not, and I can’t imagine anyone liking this, there is little we can do about the Covid 19 virus. We can get vaccinated if we choose. Face masks may be useful. It’s never a bad idea to wash our hands more often, and shake less hands. I hear fist bumping is in.

As we always do, we must persevere and forge on to step into the next stage of our businesses. I can’t read the future in a crystal ball, but I do know this. Conventions And Covid 19 have been a thing for almost 3 years. For as long as all of this insanity is around, you can rest assured Forte Models will be a part of it. We will serve you in any way, and as best as we can. Be safe out there!

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