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What is a comp card? A comp card, or zed card is a double sided card, usually 6″x9″ used as a marketing tool for models and actors. The card consists of a full sized headshot on one side and 4 to 5 images on the other side in a collage of sorts. Versatile styles in different type outfits are featured to show how the model would look in a variety of outfits.

Since the computer age emerged, comp cards have been converted to digital comps in some instances. In the following posts we will discuss the pros and cons of traditional hard and digital comps. Hopefully, you will have a good idea of what is best for you. The following post will explain to you what are Comp Cards For Models.

Why Might You Need A Hard Comp Card?


First of all, if you consider yourself an agency represented print or commercial model, you will need a hard card. In our opinion hard comps are rather antiquated in a completely digital world. Also, having hard comp cards costs money to get, and you have to get a new one every time your look changes. You have to get a new comp made if you gain weight or get your hair cut or colored. A cardinal sin is showing up to a casting not looking like your comp. That is a sure fire way to get dropped by an agency or ignored by a casting director. Many agencies still require hard comps from models, and you have to replenish them ever time the agency runs out, at your expense.

Why Digital Comps May Be For You?


A digital comp card may be ideal for you if you are not pursuing modeling that requires auditions or casting. Our company primarily books models for conventions, trade shows and events. Our clients come to us and select the models they wish to book from our online database. If you are going to use a digital comp card you simply need to take pictures and have them laid out in a comp card design. You can change the images multiple times a year if you want until you land on a comp that gets you noticed the most.

The beauty of a digital comp card is, you don’t have to invest money every time an agent runs out of cards, or you change your look. Reprinting comps on top of the money spent taking new pics is not necessary. You’ll save your money.

You only need a digital comp card If you are signing with an agency like Forte Models. In fact, we will make your digital comp after you send us your pictures and stats free of charge.

How Do You Get Comp Cards Made?



Step one requires having photographs taken. It’s usually best to take pictures in a minimum of 4 to 5 looks. You want your comp to display versatility and range. You want to show off your face and figure with eye-catching imagery that causes casting directors and clients alike to remember you. It’s best to not try to get pictures on the cheap. The better a photographer you can find, the better your pictures will look in the end.

Of course, the headshot is the most important, so make sure that the image you chose is the best representation of you, while being the most memorable. Make note, you don’t always have to spend $1000.00 on a photographer. Exceptional cameras are much more affordable then they once were. As long as you find a photographer who can take nice pictures you will be fine. Don’t use pics taken from your phone for your comp.



Once you have taken your photographs and your photographer has edited them, you must go through them all and decide which images represent you the best. You want to choose the images that most likely will get you booked. If you don’t have photoshop or another graphics program at your disposal, you will need to hire someone who can layout your design and put it in a printable format. You can find local photo reproduction shops or find a vendor on line who can print your comp cards. Some of them offer layout and design as part of their service. Initially, you will probably want a minimum of 500 cards. You can spend anywhere from $100.00 and up to get comp cards printed.



Your comp card needs to provide your stats. That is, your measurements and hair and eye color. Also you can share location, languages you speak, and other special skills you may have.

  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Dress Size
  • Shoe Size
  • Measurements with Cup, ie 34C. 24, 34
  • Location
  • Languages you speak

In Conclusion…


Regardless of what kind of model you are, there is one thing that is certain. You need to market yourself or have tools an agency can market you with. If you have money to burn, printing up comp cards in 500 unit increments might be right for you. Some agencies may use both hard comps and digital portfolios. Decide what part of the industry you want to focus on and how much you can afford.

If you are very lucky and spectacular looking the Ford Model agency may scout you and cover all your expensive. However, that happens as often as you get struck by lightening. For a beginner, a digital comp may be the better option. Either way, you will need to take great pictures for your comp. We hope now you know what is meant by Comp Cards For Models.

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