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Become A Trade Show Model Expert

What Does Forte Model Agency Do?


Forte Models is a convention, trade show, and event model agency. 90% of our bookings are for trade shows and events. We are a boutique agency that does not just represent anyone that submits to us. We have a brand concept that we require our models meet in regards to their look. More importantly, we require models bring an exceptional work ethic to our team. It’s much more important that an applicant be exceptional at trade show work and not be afraid of exceeding our clients expectations, then simply to be a beautiful woman.

Tell Me More About This Agency

Forte Models is different than most other modeling agencies. We look at our models differently, market them differently, pay them differently and respect them. We are based in Orlando Florida. Our agency opened its doors in 2000. As of today, we have served over 1200 clients from all over the world in most major US cities.

What Makes Us Different?

Many of our competitors are compromising the quality of their talent and offering it for lesser rates. They do this to get business from those less discerning clients. These agencies don’t care that they are hurting the industry and are in effect devaluing the service they are offering. We do not do this. You can’t go to a Mercedes Benz dealership and tell them you want to buy a car but pay a Toyota price. Things of value have a price that must be met. In the same way, you should not be able to secure one of America’s top models for less than what they require. When a model works for under scale she hurts not only herself but the industry and its established rates. By providing exceptional team members, we believe we can offer rates to models that surpass those of our competitors. Eventually, the clients who are going “Budget Bob” and getting a girl who shouldn’t be called a model will realize an important fact. If you want a top shelf model, you will need to pay for it. Quality will always outdo quantity. That is our philosophy and we’ll not compromise it. Models will be evaluated on a yearly basis and due to merits, and either continue on with us or be dropped at our discretion.

Become A Trade Show Model Expert
Become A Trade Show Model Expert

Does Forte Models Book Print Work?


Forte Models is completely capable of booking print work. Most of our models have experience shooting for ads, and catalogs and such. However, this is not our target client. We have had or trade show clients book models for print work to enhance their exhibiting presence. In spite of out team members expertise in front of the camera, print opportunities usually require castings and go-sees. Landing a print job can be like getting struck by lightning. Agencies that specialize in print work will typically represent a large roster of models. That is completely opposite of Forte Models, and by design. You can call yourself an elite team if 1000 people in a city can offer the service you provide.

The Forte Models Website

Our website is an internet catalog for trade show models. It is a beautiful vehicle for current and future clients to browse and select models for their upcoming events. All too often, agency websites present images of models that are out dated. We do not. We require our team members submit new images every two years.

The expectations of Forte in regards to model candidates is that the applicant will provide beautiful and diverse images that will be the ingredients of a portfolio that is appealing and eye catching to our clients. Model applicants must keep in mind they are competing for work against a small but very high quality roster of talent. You want your portfolio to stand out in a way that makes a prospective client keep wanting to go back to your portfolio, and eventually secure you for their event.

How Many Models Does Forte Represent?

We are based in Orlando. It is our desire to have an elite Florida team. We will not exceed 50-100 models statewide unless necessity demands. We will have teams of 25-50 models in the other US cities. Only our selected models will be pitched for work. In the end, they will help us turn the top models in each city into a valued commodity. We vet our models, because we want only the best for our clients.

Does It Cost Me Anything?

There is no cost to you if you are selected to be added to our team. We will build you a classy and beautiful portfolio as well as a digital comp card. It is your responsibility to provide the required images, video and other elements of your portfolio at your expense.

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Our Payment Structure

We learned some disconcerting and staggering information when we started our business in 2000. The industry standard was that model agencies were accustomed to taking 30-90 days to pay a model for any services rendered. On top of that, the agencies would take a cut of 20 % from the models and clients as well. So, we decided we’d be different in order to attract the best of the best. We have a payment upon services rendered policy. All models are mailed a check on the final day of the event. Forte has the best of the best on our teams because of this policy.

In Closing. . .

As you can well imagine, we hear from many models who are interested in working with our agency each week. We want the standard of models to be the same whether in Orlando, Las Vegas, LA or Boston. A Forte Model will be a Forte Model, no matter where she is. It is Forte Models president, Don Sanderson’s goal to become the Hugh Hefner of trade show models in this country. He will get there by creating a team of standardized models, all like-minded in our pursuits and methods of operation. In the end, we are selling a standard and philosophy.

Now you know about our agency and what we do. Please request information on the Forte Representation Requirements to see what your next steps will be in joining our elite team. We look forward to working with you and serving you.

We Offer The Following Models Nationwide

Trade Show Models

Convention Models

Booth Hostesses


Lead Generators

Bilingual Models


Print Models

Commercial Models

Trade Show Staff

Costumed Models

Crowd Gatherers

In Ear Prompter Models

Demonstration Models

Car Models

Hair Models

Forte Models is a licensed, insured, and bonded Talent Agency registered in the state of Florida: TA#-000666

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