Do Trade Show Models Make A Difference?
Do Trade Show Models Make A Difference? In today’s society where social norms are ever changing the question posed can reap a variety of answers. Forte Models does not market our talent as the scantily clad booth babes of yesteryear. These gals were almost categorized as strippers as they paraded around convention centers scantily clad. Yes, male convention attenders loved it, but did it offer a relevant return on investment to the exhibitor?

There are so many kinds of shows, and the industry targeted can also be a huge deciding factor when client consider the use of trade show models. Car shows are synonymous with the use of beautiful female presenters. Gaming or technology shows are also very strong supporters of trade show models. Apparel and Swim industry shows, pool shows, and home shows, are also known to utilize the service. In 2016, some find the service antiquated, appalling, objectifying, desperate and a thing of the past. Forte Models is always interested in the feedback at clients offer. From what we have heard, our providing articulate, outgoing, friendly, professional trade show models in professional business attire has significantly enhanced an exhibitors lead generation and sales. We don’t provide the number of sexy nurses or vampy Laura Crofts to our exhibitor clients that we used to but according to our surveys after events, the trade show model is still a very viable marketing option, and they do make a difference.

If you are interested in securing Forte Models for your next trade show or convention, contact Forte Models to schedule a booking. If you are interested in increasing your sales at your next trade show, whether in Orlando, FL or any other destination in the United States, we are here to help. One of our professional model consultants is ready to customize your event or trade show experience with a beautiful model from our elite team. Be sure to read our testimonials and see how the Forte Model Agency is helping businesses and companies (just like yours) increase trade show traffic, attract quality leads, and enjoy a return on your investment with the presence of beautiful, articulate, lead generating professional Orlando Trade Show And Print Models.

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