Meet Orlando Forte Model Meghan W

When you hire a Forte Model like Meghan W from Orlando you’re getting more than just a pretty face for your trade show or sales event.

You’re hiring a professional with a dynamic personality who is experienced in the art of engaging and closing customer sales.

Let’s meet Meghan!

Meet Orlando Forte Model-Meghan W.
“I got into modeling from a suggestion by a friend.  I entered a modeling contest on a whim and ended up winning the entire thing”.
“I have been modeling for 12 years”.
Meet Orlando Forte Model-Meghan W.
“The most exotic location I have shot at is in Belize.  Some of my favorite places to travel for work are Chicago, NYC, or anywhere in California or internationally”.
“I have been a Forte Model for 4 years”.
“My favorite show is any show I get to work with a great client”.
“The craziest costume I’ve had to wear for a gig was a mermaid costume swimming in a live pool”!
Meet Orlando Forte Model-Meghan W.
“I love to cook, read, relax on the beach, snowboard, remodel my house, and fish”.
“I’ve been featured in several National campaigns with Urban Outfitters, the FCC and EPA, NASCAR, Fisher Price, represented Ferrari, been featured on ESPN, FOX Sports and in a Florida Georgia Line music video, walked the runway at Miami Swim Week, am a regular on Miller Lite’s Bike Week and racing poster series, and you can catch me at any of the stops on the IMSA racing circuit”!
“This is my career – not just a part time job.  I take it very seriously, but also have some fun along the way.  The industry is tough, and there are lots of agencies putting out a subpar product.  Don at Forte is hardworking, loyal, and honest. He looks out for the talent and treats both talent and client like family.  I don’t fully trust ANY other agency out there and a lot can be said for the passion Don has for Forte.  He knows the value of your brand and will only represent it with the best talent in the business.  Book with him.  You won’t regret it”!
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