Meet Miami Forte Model Kelly V.

When you hire a Forte Model like Kelly V. from Miami you’re getting more than just a pretty face for your trade show or sales event.

You’re hiring a professional with a dynamic personality who is experienced in the art of engaging and closing customer sales.

Let’s meet Kelly!

Meet Miami Forte Model-Kelly V.
“I was discovered by Sergio Valente’s mom Mama Langone, and I had my first shots done with Peter Langone, her other famous son”!
“Over 30 years. Just after I was born”!
“Chuck St. John and the late Michael Wray”.
Meet Miami Forte Model-Kelly V.
“ Too many to mention!  Jamaica, Japan, China, Italy, Spain and St. Lucia to name a few!”.
“I think 8 or 9 years”.
“Revlon, Carnival Cruise Lines, Winston Cigarettes, Ms.. Craftsman and toured the NASCAR Circuit, also was on the cover of Joan Collins book PrimeTime as well as many other romance novels”.
MMeet Miami Forte Model-Kelly V.
“I travel with my rockstar husband, Wally Palmar of The Romantics of course!  He has fun gigs too”!
“I was a Parts model and shoe fit model for over 15 years.  I have been quite blessed to have worked with quite a few designers over the years and traveled the world doing what I love!  Getting paid for doing what you love is a beautiful thing”!
“I have a degree in psychology… I know people and how to get the proper motivation to make them ring a bell..  Get it Pavlov”!
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