Meet Los Angeles Forte Model Jenn L.

When you hire a Forte Model like Jenn L. from Los Angeles you’re getting more than just a pretty face for your trade show or sales event.

You’re hiring a professional with a dynamic personality who is experienced in the art of engaging and closing customer sales.

Let’s meet Jenn!

Meet Los Angeles Forte Model-Jenn L.
“As long as I can remember I was always performing. I would be singing or dancing in recitals or for shows that I would make up for my parents. When I moved to LA at the age of 19, I was focusing on acting…I booked extras work and small photo shoots. However, trade show modeling was a way I could be involved in the industry and make a living”.
“I have been modeling for 12 years”.
“I was in a health magazine in Egypt, and we did the photo shoot in Cairo. I was also featured in Seventeen Magazine’s Prom edition for Blossom footwear. My favorite was a 2 page spread in OK Magazine for Clairol hair color, and they made me look like a badass country music star. I was also featured on the cover of Healthy Living Magazine. ”.
Meet Los Angeles Forte Model-Jenn L.
“With my international traveling trade show tour, I always loved doing shows in Paris. It was so charming. We also did shows in Thailand. I love the food and culture… It is also really inexpensive so I would get to do a lot when I wasn’t working. I enjoyed traveling around the country sightseeing as well.”.
“I believe I have been with Forte Models for 5 years”.
“Miami Swim show is always a good time. I love spending time in South Beach, attending the parties  and you get to go to work in a bikini and flip flops! Natural Foods Expo is like the Disneyland of Whole Foods. I am a health nut myself, and it’s fun to meet the heads of my favorite natural product companies, a well as discover new products. I was also on tour with an anti-aging machine company and the shows were medical anti-aging. It was really interesting to see all the products, and procedures. The doctors were interesting as well, but my favorite part was the international travel. I got to go to 17 different countries attending trade shows.”.
“I am currently 9 months pregnant and wore a mermaid outfit for a tv scene, being a pregnant mermaid! haha”!
Meet Los Angeles Forte Model-Jenn L.
“Anything outdoors. Living in Los Angeles, we have so many neat places and national parks within a days drive. I love to hike and go camping. At home, I love to cook and have big meals with friends.”.
“I am friendly, well spoken, and have plenty of stamina. Stamina is very important when you have to be on your feet all day. It takes energy to introduce a product or service talk and take pictures with literally hundreds of people a day”!
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