Meet Los Angeles Forte Model Christiana D

When you hire a Forte Model like Christiana D. from Los Angeles you’re getting more than just a pretty face for your trade show or sales event.

You’re hiring a professional with a dynamic personality who is experienced in the art of engaging and closing customer sales.

Let’s meet Christiana!

Meet Los Angeles Forte Model-Christiana D.
“Well, a lot of people told me I’d be good at it. I grew up tall, really skinny, pale, and different. When I was younger, I didn’t like those qualities about me at all. Being different in middle school and high school fueled a lot of bullies, and I lived in a small town.

As I got older and started cosmetology school, I became a lot more confident. It’s amazing what hair and make up classes can do for your self esteem. I started doing little trade photo shoots in Montana with friends and eventually moved to LA where I eventually began to model for a living. It’s a little crazy to look back on”!


“I was 19 at my first photo shoot, but I didn’t start professionally shooting till I was 21. It’s been a solid 4 years now that I’ve been in LA, and that’s definitely when I got serious”.
“I adore a lot of photographers work, but the photographer I work with most frequently is Roy Nelson. He found me not too long after I moved to Los Angeles, and we’ve really pushed each other to grow. He had some serious skills, but without the serious ego and I believe that’s why we work so well together. He’s always open to suggestions and always willing to try something new”.
Meet Los Angles Forte Model-Christiana D.
“I’m not sure if I’ve shot anywhere super exotic exactly, however there have been plenty of awesome locations. I frequently travel to the San Fransisco area and do workshops out there. I’ve shot at baker beach below the Golden Gate Bridge, the Japanese gardens at Lake Merritt, Treasure Island, the Oakland Airport Museum, Oyster Bay in San Leandro, and the Sacramento Train Museum. The Bay Area is incredibly versatile, so it’s probably my favorite place to shoot”.
“Since May of this year. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Don. He’s a great agent”.
“Gaming conventions! Now those are fun! I’ve worked E3, San Diego Comic Con, and Twitchcon”.
“At E3 I was a line manager for Nintendo. The big release this year was Super Mario Odyssey and there happens to be a desert level. Well, people needed a way to identify the end of the line so they gave me this comically huge sombrero. It was pretty hilarious as none of the other employees had it except for me. I became sombrero girl the whole weekend, but it was a great conversation starter”!
Meet Los Angles Forte Model-Christiana D.
“My main hobbies include wire crafting, string art, sculpting polymer clay, and petting my fluffy kitties. I also try and make a lot of time for my friends. Maintaining strong relationships is very important to me”.
“Actually, yes! I’ve been on the cover several times of an LA publication called My Belleza”!
“I think sometimes people get too caught up in the rat race that is the industry. The important thing is to relax, and do you. In my opinion, the highest measure of success a person can reach is happiness”.
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