Meet Las Vegas Forte Model Hope M.

When you hire a Forte Model like Hope M. from Las Vegas you’re getting more than just a pretty face for your trade show or sales event.

You’re hiring a professional with a dynamic personality who is experienced in the art of engaging and closing customer sales.

Let’s meet Hope!

Meet Las Vegas Forte Model Hope M.
“My mom got me involved when I was 12 years old. When I was 14 we were living in Paris. My mom quit her job to help me pursue my dream”.
“I have been modeling for over 10 years”.
“James Hickey from LA. He’s shot some of my most highly regarded photos”.
Meet Las Vegas Forte Model Hope M.
“I’ve shot in a lot of cool places, but probably Maui is my favorite. It’s beautiful, and I love shooting in Hawaii. ”.
“A little over 5 years now”.
“I honestly love them all. I love to be around people. I am a people person, so meeting everyone from all over is exciting to me. I love all my repeat clients”.
“It was probably my dressing up as Hillary Clinton. It was a month before the election, so that was pretty interesting”!
Meet Las Vegas Forte Model Hope M.
“I love to travel and check out new places I haven’t been. I also love eating new foods.
“I was asked to take out a huge amount of an exhibitor’s trash. I do it because I’m nice, but it makes me feel like I’m at home. Haha”.
I have  Bachelor’s degrees in broadcasting and communications. I used to host my own radio show and TV Show here in Las Vegas. I interviewed the hottest celebs coming through Las Vegas”!.
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