National Models For Trade Shows

Forte Models New Marketing Division. Forte Models is currently recruiting and developing a new team of trade show marketing personnel for our 2019. As we recognize not every company has the budget for our elite trade show lead generators we are planning to introduce a new option to current and future clients. Forte Models has spent almost 20 years creating the finest caliber trade show model teams the industry has to offer. However, that experience level, lead generating ability, and professionalism has come at a cost. The industry has evolved over the last 10 years. Companies see the value of assistance in the exhibits. With the invention of the internet there are multitudes of options for web savvy customers to research aside of the traditional model agency. So we have decided to recruit and offer a new team of lesser experienced young women who come at a lesser price point. They will range in age from 16-25 years of age. The won’t have quite the level of experience clients have come to expect from a Forte Model. What they will have is the integrity and work ethic of a Forte Model at a less expensive cost to the client.

Here is what we are looking for in models interested in being considered to be added to this team. We will be recruiting young, beautiful, friendly, and articulate women to fill roles of crowd gatherers, greeters, and promotional distributors. Forte;s current struck requirements for our current elite team will be reduced for this team. Model need only send their headshot, 3 body shots and stats. Comps will be produced and shared with clients. You will not need to provide all the pictures required for the Forte top echelon team, nor have the resume of experience to be considered. Day rates be flexible and negotiable with clients. This is a great way for new models to get introduced to the Forte organization, and additionally a great option for clients with smaller budgets. Models should submit pictures and stats to Don at

If your company sees the value of having exceptional, hard working, lead generating models at your next trade show event, please call Forte Models today at 407-744-5451. We offer models in  many major cities across the United States. Please visit our website at and check out our gallery of national models. We are sure you will be very impressed.

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