Cheap Models Hurt YouCheap Models Hurt You

The Birth of the Bargain Basement Trade Show Model. Who are they you might ask? I coined this term several years back actually using the name of the world’s largest retail chain store. So when you read “bargain basement” in this post imagine you are reading the word that starts with W. I edited this post today to prevent my not being litigated against. This is my personal term for a business phenomenon started roughly 15 years ago about the same time the internet came to being. With the dawning of the internet based storefront, model agencies could adopt somewhat the same philosophy big box super store chains capitalized on. Model agencies got into pricing wars to see who could land the most clients due to their super affordable rates.

However, this is not retail we are talking about. Models are service providers, not widgets. Every single one of them is different. They offer different talents, skill levels, and abilities. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, the best of the best trade show models in the business started dropping out of the industry or doing significantly less work. Their agencies, who had paid rates of $800.00 or more a day, wanted more business. The agencies figured the best way to do it would be to lower their prices more than their competitors. That’s a fine idea in theory until you begin to have a hard time finding talent willing to work at the new lower rates.

Imagine any service provider you know. With time, they usually get better at their craft. As they get better, they create more value for their services. So now, ask said service provider, in the business for 10 years to cut their rates by half and offer the same services. It doesn’t go over well for any models with agents. In many instances they just refuse to work for less. So, agencies were forced to find a new work force unaware of their value. They were young and blissfully ignorant. But they were also very green, bringing significantly less experience to the table for their client. The only positive thing you could say about them was they were cheap. Therein lies your main problem with the bargain basement trade show model. This model dilutes the value of the industry, and she or he is less inclined to exceed expectations. They also don’t understand what a quality model work ethic should look like. Check back tomorrow and read about the result of the creation of the bargain basement trade show model.

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